Q: What changes should I expect to see if I change to Black Hawk?

by The Black Hawk Vets
The Black Hawk Vets
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Q: What changes should I expect to see if I change to Black Hawk?

Beautiful, healthy shiny coat - All of our Black Hawk foods are crammed with loads of healthy Essential Fatty Acids in the form of Omegas. You should start to notice the coat improving about 6 weeks after you’ve finished fully transitioning onto Black Hawk. This delay is due to the hair growth cycle. You may also notice less dandruff and decreased shedding.

Improved skin health – If your dog has a predisposition to skin sensitivities, it’s skin may improve on Black Hawk. This is because of the Omega 3 levels present in our food, which lower inflammation and help develop a better skin-barrier against allergens. Our fixed formula, limited protein sources, and grain free foods are also reasons that your dog may have improved skin health with Black Hawk.

More energy – All of the Black Hawk diets are absolutely loaded with protein that is highly digestible, so the body has to work less to make use of it. Combine that with our special blend of health-packed oils, and our all-natural ingredient range, and your furry friend could spend less time digesting, and more time playing.

Less clean up – It’s one of those things no one wants to talk about, and certainly no one wants to do! But that’s the whole point. Our food is high protein, the nutrient that dog’s bodies have evolved to digest. Easier to digest equals better nutrient utilisation and this means less waste…literally! Spend less time cleaning up after your dog, and more time playing with your best friend.