Best Dog Food for Allergies

Published 7 December 2019

Food allergies can cause itching and redness, and often have the potential to develop at any age. They often have concurrent symptoms such as increased or sloppy defecation, stomach rumbling, vomiting and ear infections. Not all dogs show those symptoms, but if you do have a dog that has an itchy bum and itchy ears, then that makes your own ears go up and think ‘hmmm, that could be a food allergy’.
The only reliable way to diagnose a food allergy is with what’s called an elimination diet. Usually it’s a meat protein that’s the culprit, so we try putting the dog either on a novel protein (one they’ve never had before), or hydrolysed proteins.
Essential fatty acids like omega-3 and -6 can promote skin barrier function, which helps to shield pets from environmental irritants and can reduce the occurence of skin infections.

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