Mature - Original

Did you know that your dog’s nutritional needs can change and develop as they grow? That’s why Black Hawk created this wholesome and nutritious real food, to meet the specific needs of mature dogs, from 7 years old. Offering everything your dog needs for a complete and balanced diet, this great-tasting kibble includes natural protein from quality meat, vegetables and grains, as well as fat from healthy, natural sources, including emu oil.

The Black Hawk mature dog food range is crafted to provide nutritional support and enhance the overall wellbeing of mature dogs. It is specifically formulated to address their needs, with probiotics for microbiome and total gut health support, plus L-carnitine to help support fat metabolism and lean muscle mass. It aids with weight fluctuations and helps combat cellular ageing.

BH579 Original Dog Mature Chicken Rice 3Kg Front 491X491

Chicken & Rice

Original Mature Dog Food All breeds

BH581 Original Dog Mature Lamb Rice 3Kg Front 491X491

Lamb & Rice

Original Mature Dog Food All breeds