How Much Should I Feed My Dog

How Much Should I Feed My Dog

One of the most common mistakes that devoted pet parents make, is 'falling for the eyes', and feeding their pets too much.

Think about your own feeding - do you check and go by the feeding guides on pack?

We understand that it's often tempting to 'just give him a bit extra', or 'just one extra meal even'. And the changing routines of family members is quite likely to lead to accidental double feeding by different family members.

But did you know that by overfeeding your dog, you're actually damaging their health and potentially shortening their lifespan?

We often hear the question, 'How much should I feed my dog'. The best answer is to make sure you follow the guides on pack.

Here's Luke and Dr Lee chatting about portion control and how important it is in keeping your pet as healthy as possible.

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