Luke Hines

Luke Hines

Nutrition and Health Guru and Black Hawk Ambassador

Meet Luke Hines; passionate about clean eating, and doing the best for his Labrador Chia.

Black Hawk has enlisted Luke's expertise to help pet parents to understand the importance of a healthy diet and overall wellness for our pets.

Luke is passionate about the importance of real ingredients in every pet's diet and the functional benefits of ingredients in the food provided to four-legged family members. Which is the same ethos behind Black Hawk; we use real ingredients to build the nutritional requirements of our pet food, making sure your pet gets everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

At Black Hawk, we are firm believers that every ingredient matters, and that every ingredient that goes into our food has a functional benefit.


Luke has spent his entire career in the health and fitness industry, after resolving to eat well and move more to lose weight in his teens. Following his appearance in Australia’s most famous kitchen, he went on to write nine bestselling cookbooks and worked alongside film star Angelina Jolie managing nutrition and training on set. He is a presenter on Channel 7’s The House of Wellness and his down to earth persona, along with his nutritional qualifications, have established him as one of the most popular health and fitness personalities in Australia. We are so proud to have him onboard and endorse our products.

So, does Luke think pet parents understand dog food nutrition as much as we do human nutrition?

Here's a short discussion between Luke and Dr Lee, one of our Black Hawk vets, discussing how we can apply what we know about human nutrition, to dog nutrition.