Take a Hike Sled Team

  • on 15 May 2023
Simon Sheena Ambassador Cover Image 2000X715
Dogs have always been in our lives, and we have both been exposed to different dog breeds over the years.

Simon grew up with Old English Sheepdogs, even learning to walk by following one named Dicken who was a beautiful and very gentle dog. Sheena grew up with dogs starting with her first family pet being a Pembroke Corgi called Millie. She was awesome with the coolest little wag even though she had no tail and was great with kids. So, you could say we have been very much surrounded by dogs our whole lives.

Simon is to blame for our sled dog bug. Simon bought his very first Alaskan Malamute named Kaya in 2011 and has raised her since she was a puppy. Simon had always loved the Alaskan Malamute breed but wanted to do more with a dog than just going to a park to play fetch. After a sled dog race at the You Yangs in Melbourne he was hooked and so were the dogs. We quickly realized we wanted to turn this hobby into a lifestyle and once we committed there was no going back. We are lucky to have a sled dog kennel of Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies and have been incredibly grateful for everything they have taught us over the last 10+ years. They may be sledding dogs, but they are our pets first and their health and wellbeing are always at the forefront of everything we do.

Healthy and Fit dogs are Happy Dogs

Black Hawk Pet Care to us is family. We were feeding our dogs Black Hawk Original Lamb & Rice prior to becoming proud ambassadors for the brand. When we heard that they introduced a Working Dog formula we had to feed it. We have been feeding that for the past 6 years and our dogs really do excel at it. Our dogs need as much protein, fat, and nutrients as possible due to the high calorie demands that training and racing places on our dogs.

For us, Black Hawk ticks all the boxes to best meet the needs of our dogs. 

Sheena and Simon Kirkpatrick

Take a Hike Sled Dog Team, VIC