Choosing a good dog food

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Your pooch may have a lot of dog years under his collar, but a good, healthy diet can give him even more. Or more specifically, heaps of energy; a glossy coat; a healthy weight and normal poo (as in not bulky or runny).

So, what makes a nutritious meal for your best friend?

That would be a menu of all the top-dog nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. And the easiest way to get these wholesome ingredients into your pooch is to feed him a good-quality, commercial dog food, for his main course. These aren’t your garden-variety scooby snacks – they’ve actually been tested to ensure they meet the best-in-show nutrient requirements.

It also really helps to check your dog food’s label to make certain:

  • the dog food is ‘complete and balanced for maintenance’.
  • the ingredients panel includes some type of animal protein as the first or main components, such as chicken, chicken by-product meal, fish, lamb, poultry, poultry by-product, beef and meat meal. Dogs need the nutrients found in these animal protein sources.

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