The Australian Made Story

The Australian Made Story

All of our Black Hawk products are proudly manufactured in rural NSW, with ingredients sourced in Australia.

With a nutritious and natural diet, your dog should look good, smell better and be more energetic and healthy.

A balanced diet is a foundation stone for good health and general wellbeing, certainly in humans, and increasingly pet owners are seeing the benefits reflected in their cats and dogs, too.

The original Black Hawk recipe was developed when a passionate dog breeder simply applied this thinking to their dog’s diet. The breeder searched for ingredients that had a nutritional benefit and removed all of those that didn’t.

More people are interested in what they are feeding their pets; they are looking at the ingredients panel and wanting to know exactly what is in the food. People are buying better quality food and are concerned that their pets should also be getting a more nutritious and balanced diet.

Pet parents increasingly understand the value of looking after their pets’ health, so that their pets are healthier now, and have the benefit of longevity. The trend today is that if ‘real food’ is good for us, then it is also good for our pets.

Black Hawk products are designed to nourish dogs, puppies and cats from the inside out. The range is made from natural, real ingredients that are processed into kibble in such a way that the important vitamins and minerals are not lost. It’s like cooking broccoli at home, if you cook it for too long, it loses its goodness.

Additionally, the pet foods in the Black Hawk range are all free of wheat, corn, artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or unnecessary fillers.

Every ingredient in Black Hawk food has a functional benefit.

Dog owners report that after moving to Black Hawk their animals have healthy, shiny coats and odours are dramatically reduced.

You can run your fingers down the dog’s coat and it will be silky soft and smooth, that’s because of the emu and fish oils that are in their dog food.