Wet Kitten Food

Your kitten's wellbeing starts with a nutritious and balanced diet, affecting more than just their physical health.

Kittens are always on the go and full of curiosity. They need a healthy and nutritious diet to meet their growth and energy needs and support their inquisitive minds.

Specifically developed for growing kittens, with proteins and textures they love, and the complete and balanced nutrition they need.
BHC506 PNG Original Kitten Chicken 491X491

Chicken in Gravy

Wet Kitten Food

BHC507 PNG Original Kitten Chicken Ocean Fish 491X491

Chicken & Ocean Fish

Wet Kitten Food

BHC500 Black Hawk Grain Free Kitten Wet Food Chicken With Peas And Broth Front 491X491

Chicken with Peas & Broth

Wet Kitten Food

With the goodness of real chicken and fish, Black Hawk's great-tasting, high protein wet kitten foods fulfil kittens' carnivorous nature and add welcome variety. Black Hawk Wet Kitten Foods also contains a rich gravy, which delivers the most important nutrient – water, providing all-important hydration, supporting your kitten's urinary health and digestion.

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