Jerky Treats for Dogs

Black Hawk Jerky Treats for Dogs

Reward your best friend with treats you can feel good about.

Whether you’re training a puppy or want to reward your dog, our new range of Black Hawk Jerky Treats for dogs is crafted with the health and vitality of your four-legged friend at heart. Made from responsibly sourced, human-grade local ingredients in regional Australia, our treats deliver nature’s goodness from the paddock to your best friend.

Our meats are hand-selected prime cuts of Australian beef, chicken and kangaroo. Fresh from the farm, meats are cut and slowly oven-dried to lock in nutrients and flavour, you can rest assured you’re giving your dog a tasty treat that’s packed with nature’s goodness.

BHT106 Chicken Jerky Bites 100g Front 491X491 (1)

Chicken Jerky Bites

Puppy Treats All breeds

BHT105 Chicken Jerky Sticks 100g FOP

Chicken Jerky Sticks

Adult Dog Treats All breeds

BHT104 Chicken Jerky Straps 100g FOP

Chicken Jerky Straps

Adult Dog Treats All breeds

BHT103 Kangaroo Jerky Sticks 100g FOP

Kangaroo Jerky Sticks

Adult Dog Treats All breeds

BHT102 Kangaroo Jerky Straps 100g FOP

Kangaroo Jerky Straps

Adult Dog Treats All breeds

BHT101 Beef Jerky Sticks 100g FOP

Beef Jerky Sticks

Adult Dog Treats All breeds

BHT100 Beef Jerky Straps 100g FOP

Beef Jerky Straps

Adult Dog Treats All breeds

“I share Black Hawk’s philosophy that Every Ingredient Matters® and feeding my dogs 100% Australian quality real ingredients is critical to me.” Says Luke Hines, Nutrition & Wellness expert, and passionate Black Hawk ambassador.

“Connecting with my dogs is a big part of our happiness, and I do this through positive reinforcement during playtime, so giving them the right amount of the best quality treat makes me feel extremely happy.’

Here's what some of our reputable dog breeders have said about these new jerky treats;

"Barbie has never really taken to treats for showing & training, our first session using the new "Kangaroo Jerky Straps" Barbie came alive! These treats are exactly what we were looking for and we are so thankful to Black Hawk for producing Quality, Human Grade & Australian Made Treats for Dogs!"
Aaron Chato, Baghdad Salukis

"Thor can be an extremely fussy puppy when it comes to treats and training, however his first reaction to the New "Black Hawk Chicken Jerky Bites" had us in shock as he took to them straight away! They were soft, easy to chew and certainly a winner! Always great to know that a food brand we trust for our dogs can bring out the best in them!"
Makaela Edmondson, Sheltastic Shetland Sheepdogs

Feel confident knowing you are rewarding your dog with the best quality treats that they will love.