Original Cat Food

Our cats' wellbeing starts with a nutritious and balanced diet from the very start, affecting more than just their physical health.

Black Hawk cat food is developed by our cat nutritionists and vets, with proteins and textures they love, and the complete and balanced nutrition they need. Every ingredient that goes into our recipes has a nutritional purpose, so you’ll never find wheat, corn, soy, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours in Black Hawk.

Whether you choose to feed dry food or wet food or mix feed both, Black Hawk offers a wide variety of delicious food your cat will love and that will help you support their overall wellbeing.

BH512 PNG Original Cat Chicken 2Kg Front Left 491X491


Original Adult Cat Food

BH515 PNG Original Cat Ocean Fish 2Kg Front Left 491X491

Ocean Fish

Original Adult Cat Food

BH518 PNG Original Cat Chicken Kangaroo 2Kg Front Left 491X491

Chicken & Kangaroo

Original Adult Cat Food

Targeted and balanced nutrition is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind throughout your cat’s life.

Original recipes are using a combination of high quality meats, grains, vegetables, pulses and fruits to create delicious flavours cats love in addition to beneficial herbs, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for everyday health and wellbeing.