Making a Dream a Reality

by The Black Hawk Vets
The Black Hawk Vets
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Tiarne Tattersall’s love of dogs stretches as far back as she can remember. It’s no wonder: her parents have been showing dogs for over 20 years and are breeders to multiple Champion, Best In Show, Runner Up In Show and Grand Champion Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

A vet nurse by day, Tiarne initially followed in her parents’ footsteps by helping out with the litters of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and taking part in junior handler competitions as a teenager. In recent years, she’s branched out with a breed she’s always had a soft spot for: the Siberian Husky.

“When I had the chance I’d always help out with the litters of Staffords,” Tiarne says.

But I’ve always wanted a Husky since I was a little kid. Mum wouldn’t let me have one because I was too small but, once I was old enough, I jumped at the chance to bring one home from a breeder in Queensland.

Known for their intelligent and independent temperament, Siberian Huskies were originally bred for sled pulling and companionship by the Indigenous people of Northeast Asia. Their sometimes-stubborn character can make Huskies notoriously difficult to train – but Tiarne says their independent spirit is one of her favourite traits.

“Their personality is number one,” she explains. “Not one of them is the same as the other – they all have their little quirks about them. They’re quite a gentle, caring dog so they’re great to have at home. They’re also very headstrong and intelligent, and always willing to work. They’re probably a bit too smart for their own good actually!”

Tiarne now has two Huskies, Loki and Layla, and is enjoying an incredibly successful 2022 show record.

Winning Best Puppy in Show at the Brisbane Royal Show this year with Loki has definitely been one of my top moments. It’s extremely rewarding seeing all the training, grooming and preparation pay off.

Keeping the dogs in top condition

Tiarne and her parents started feeding their dogs Black Hawk in 2017 and decided to become ambassadors about 18 months later after seeing how the food had improved the dogs’ overall condition and wellbeing.

“We’d been using other food but the dogs weren’t looking like they were in the best condition,” Tiarne says. “When we moved on to Black Hawk, their coats were better, their muscle condition was better and they were a better weight. So we haven’t changed since.”

The Tattersalls’ dog food of choice is Black Hawk Original Adult Lamb & Rice, which is rich in zinc, iron and vitamin B12 for health and wellbeing, as well as chondroitin and glucosamine for joint health and mobility.

Tiarne feeds her champion Loki Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice, Medium Breed, specifically formulated with easily digestible plant-based proteins and fibre for gut health, carrots (a fibre-rich source of beta-carotene), and kelp, a rich source of iodine which delivers essential minerals for growing puppies.

Made in rural NSW from Australian ingredients, Black Hawk dog foods supports local farmers and regional communities by sourcing quality ingredients from Australian growers.

“A big benefit of Black Hawk for me is it’s Australian-made,” Tiarne says. “It represents a quality brand that keeps the dogs in great condition and it’s good for weaning puppies onto as well. It helps us raise healthy dogs.”

“It’s also more affordable for people who want a good-quality dog food but might not be able to pay the cost of some of the other premium brands.”

Eyes on the Prize

Tiarne plans to eventually breed Huskies but for now she’s just enjoying seeing her dogs perform at their best on the show circuit. They have a packed schedule for the rest of 2022, with up to 20 shows in the works (depending on the weather).

“Coming up to the end of the year,” Tiarne says, “we’re just looking forward to getting in as many shows as we can!”