When it Comes to Dog Treats, Fresh Ingredients make a Difference

by Dr Lee Danks
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If you are going to treat, treat well!

The moments in which you’re giving your dog a treat are the moments that count. They are all about building that irreplaceable bond you have with them, and these treating moments reinforce good behaviour. They’re about celebrating little wins and having an ever better and closer relationship with your dog.

Black Hawk Jerky Treats were created so you can be certain you are giving the best reward you can find.

To us, this all comes down to a few factors:

  1. Deliciousness! Remember that the function of these treats is to reward, and for training. In order to say ‘thanks’, we need to be giving them something that they truly want, and deliciousness (or ‘palatability’) is the feature you’re paying for. After all, if they don’t want it, they won’t see it as a strong, positive ‘thanks’ for good behaviour. On the flip side, if you try treating them with something that’s not tasty or desirable, the lesson will be less impactful.
  2. Nutritional ‘goodness’. You will see like our other foods, the ingredients can be found on the back of pack. We like to let you know exactly what is in our foods, so there’s no question as to what goodness they’re getting when chewing on a Chicken Jerky Strap or chasing after a Kangaroo Jerky Stick. Meat is by far the most important and highest proportion ingredient. The other ingredients include natural carbohydrate, water-loving and natural antioxidants. All of these quality ingredients come together to compliment (not detract or disrupt) the every-day goodness you deliver in their main meals.
  3. Treats should be a… treat. They’re an accompaniment, not a replacement for their every-day meals. While they are created with a lot of care and attention, treats aren’t nutritionally ‘complete and balanced’, meaning they don’t contain all of the nutrients your dog needs to live their best life. A good rule of thumb is to limit treating to 10% of their daily energy intakes, so we have easy-to-read feeding guidelines on every pack.

Be sure to select the Black Hawk Jerky Treats variety and shape which best suits you, your dog, and the function you’re trying to achieve with them (as a quick ‘thanks’ or more lasting training aide, to reinforce and influence behaviour).

In order to preserve the above qualities (deliciousness, nutritional goodness and novelty), be sure to store your treats as per the recommendations on pack: As these threats are unique in their recipes and cooking process, refrigerate them after opening, and ideally feed them within 10 days, while following the feeding guides mentioned above.


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