Kitten Food

If you want to start your kitten off on the right paw, look no further than Black Hawk Kitten Food.

Specially formulated for growing kittens, Black Hawk Kitten Food contains premium ingredients and balanced nutrition to optimise your kitten’s health and vitality while they’re growing, developing and learning.

Kittens are always on the go and full of curiosity. They need a healthy and nutritious diet to meet their growth and energy needs and support their inquisitive minds.

Black Hawk Original Kitten Food has been formulated to provide a complete diet for your kitten. With the right levels of protein, vitamins and minerals, Black Hawk Original Kitten Food will provide your kitten with all the energy they need to grow, learn and play.

It’s smaller size and textured shape makes it easier for your kitten to chew and helps keep your kitten’s teeth clean and healthy.
BH231 Original Kitten Food Chicken Rice Front 491X491

Chicken & Rice

Original Kitten Food

BHC500 Black Hawk Grain Free Kitten Wet Food Chicken With Peas And Broth Front 491X491

Chicken with Peas & Broth

Wet Kitten Food

Black Hawk Kitten Food is also available in a Grain Free Wet Kitten Food variety, which can be fed as a complete diet or on its own, providing your kitten with the protein, vitamins and minerals they need to thrive.

With Black Hawk Kitten Food you can choose to feed wet or dry food exclusively or feed a combination of both. Combination feeding can be beneficial for providing your kitten with some variety in flavour and texture in their diet.

Black Hawk Kitten Food is not only healthy, balanced and nutritious but it's highly palatable, meaning your kitten will love the taste and enjoy eating it every day.