Keeping your Cat Happy at Home

by Sam Allemann
Cat Lover & Foster Carer
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We all know that cats are typically harder to please than dogs. While a pooch would bound after a balled up piece of paper, your cat may look at you quizzically, yawn and go back to sleep.

Yet there are many ways we can keep our cats happy at home, even if they can be shrewd critics!

After all, they add so much to our lives that we want theirs to be as comfortable and fulfilled as possible.

Here are some tips I’ve learned through being educated by my two cats and the numerous foster kitties I’ve looked after over the years.

Keep them comfy

Cats have snoozing down to a fine art as they sleep for approximately 12 – 16 hours per day. There are a wide range of comfy cat beds you can buy for your kitty, but let’s face it – if you don’t make it as appealing as the couch or your bed, they’ll make a beeline for those instead! Soft towels, blankets and old pillows will make for a snug nest for your cat. Kittens especially love cuddly toys, and there are few things cuter than a cat with its own teddy.

Enjoy play time together

It’s a myth that cats aren’t as playful as dogs – you just have to put in the effort to get them into it. While kittens are entertained by anything, as they get older they become more discerning.

Solo play toys are great, but don’t overlook one-on-one play. Instead of just dangling a fishing-style toy in front of your cat and wondering why they’re not engaged, coax them into hunter mode by dragging the toy along the floor, across ledges and hiding it behind furniture.

Room with a view

As my cats are indoors only, it’s important for them to be entertained. Their cat tower is by the window which looks down onto the street and I keep their beds by the back window which gives them a sweeping view over the garden.

They can see people passing, planes overhead, birds flying past, lizards scuttling by. It’s like TV for them! Ensure your cats can look out of a window (moving curtains if need be) to keep them occupied and entertained.

Keeping your cat happy will make for a contented kitty and build a stronger bond.

Those purrs are all the proof you need that your feline friend is well looked after.