Conditions of Sponsorship

Conditions of Black Hawk Sponsorship Contract

1. No other dog/cat food or pet accessories companies to be involved at the event without prior written approval from Masterpet/Black Hawk.
2. Masterpet/Black Hawk advertisement, as supplied by Masterpet/Black Hawk, relevant to brand must be included in any catalogues, schedules, magazines etc
3. Relevant Masterpet/Black Hawk Brand logo to appear on everything related to the event – schedules, timetables, certificates, ribbons, rosettes, sashes etc – in effect, everywhere the event is publicised - naming rights to be applied where contracted to do so.
4. All Masterpet/Black Hawk Brand display materials and equipment to be visible at key areas throughout the event to ensure capture in any photography. That includes signage in the rings – around the perimeter – and part of the display features with Rally O, Obedience and Agility where appropriate.
5. Masterpet/Black Hawk product must be on display along with the trophy table – in a prominent position for all exhibitors to see and appreciate.
6. Masterpet/Black Hawk Brand signage to be clearly visible in all photography – Product, signage, banners, flags etc. Where the Photography banner is supplied – all official photographs must be in front of this banner without exception.
7. Masterpet/Black Hawk Representative – if present - must be in all photography, and must hand out all product.
8. Masterpet/Black Hawk Representative – if present – must be catered to by the committee.
9. Masterpet/Black Hawk Brand collateral may be supplied for use at the event – includes number cards, flags, gazebos, brochures, point of sale and banners. Where indicated, flags, gazebos and banners must be returned to Masterpet/Black Hawk in the same condition they arrived.
10. Photo of winners and event to be sent to Masterpet/Black Hawk immediately after the event – along with samples of all collateral produced.
11. Masterpet/Black Hawk must approve any print and display material/media, prior to production and final sign off.
12. All applications must be submitted at least 6 months prior to event. Any applications after this date, may not be considered.
13. All decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered in to.
14. Failure to adhere to conditions of sponsorship, may result in the sponsorship being pulled at any time prior to the event, and/or any future applications being declined.

NB: Masterpet/Black Hawk Sponsorship is not designed to replace prizes – it is product sponsorship and the club is expected to use their own income to cover the prize pool for awards.