Gary Neal & Sue Jobey

  • on 20 May 2023
Garl Neal And Sue Jobey 2000X1000

LUSANNE Saint Bernards started in 1983. We believe and hope we have bred to better the breed with investing in new breeding lines and our opinion of feeding the best food for our dogs.

Over the years we have bred many Champions, Grand Champions, Garys heart dog Supreme Champion and Speciality Grand Champion Lusanne just Deal with it – ‘Chewie’ as he was known by many. The boy never had a bad day and just loved the ring. The bigger the ring the better.

We always tell our puppy people when they leave with their adored puppy, a Saint will steal your heart and like Potato chips one is never enough.



Our proudest moment to date was Grand Champion Lusanne Not a Tonka Toy winning Best in Show at NZ’s biggest and most prestigious show - the Nationals 2016.

Another proud breeder moment was when our sweet Lara went to live with a family in Wellington that have an Autistic child. Watching the love they have for each other, and the huge change she has made for the family, was incredibly heartwarming. For us, this is what the heartache, loss of sleep and many many hard-earned dollars and time is made so worthwhile when the joy you can give families outweigh the bad days 100%.

Our dogs thrive on Black Hawk Original Large Breed chicken & Rice and when the girls are in season the boys love the change to the Working Dog formula because of the higher fat and protein to keep them in such good condition.

The judges and other fellow exhibitors/breeders always comment that the muscle tone, lush coats and condition on our saints is the best they have ever seen, and we attribute this to their Black Hawk diet.

We and our giants proudly and highly recommend Black Hawk to everyone.

Gary Neal and Sue Jobey

Lusanne Saint Bernards

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