Debbie Hull, Ebonn American Cocker Spaniels

  • on 20 May 2023
Debbie Hull 2000X1000

I started my journey showing dogs in 1977 with English Cockers. My kennel name EBONN was founded in the early 80's. In 1982 I purchased my first American Cocker, which is the breed I still own love and care for today.

I have shown/or been involved with English Cockers, English Springers, Bearded Collies, Pointers, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians and Affenpinschers.

Over the years I was always concerned about what we fed our dogs to give them the best healthy options and to help their inner health. I was delighted that Black Hawk came to New Zealand. A nutritionist friend of mine from Australia kept on at me to move all my dogs and cats to this food, and this is when EBONN kids were raised and reared and nurtured with the fabulous Black Hawk food. I have found the product suits my dogs very well, keeps their flowing coats in great condition and the ingredients suits their inner health well.

The changeover was a slow process, but once there, I have never looked back - the ingredients speak for themselves. My adults are fed on Black Hawk Original Fish & Potato and the Grain Free Chicken. With the youngsters I use the Black Hawk Grain Free Ocean Fish puppy food.

I just love the way my dogs have excellent coat growth and how healthy they are really is put down to the great quote “Every Ingredient Matters."

For my kennels I am extremely happy that feeding Black Hawk is everything it’s meant to be with a food that helps support your animal to be the healthiest it can be.