Stoney Peak Pet Lodge use Black Hawk for long and short stays

by Scott & Sharlene. Published 11 June 2018

We here at Stoney Peak Pet Lodge have been using Blackhawk for our longer-term dog stays and the owners on pick up of their much-loved dogs have commented how great the dogs look especially with the shine in their coats.

We also add a small amount of Black Hawk to the shorter staying dogs as fussy eaters love it.

We also have added a stand to retail Black Hawk in our reception area which is going really well.

We have seen a lot of dogs come in to our kennels which are on medication for skin conditions. We have recommended the grain free Kangaroo in particular, and the dogs are now off their medications and have glowing coats.

We are finding the cats are loving the Black Hawk biscuits as well. This is our main food for them. Also, you see the difference in coat condition compared to when the owners just fed wet food.

We are very happy with the Blackhawk range.

Scott & Sharlene 
Stoney Peak Pet Lodge 
Tahuna, Waikato

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