Gary Neal and Sue Jobey, Lusanne Saint Bernards

by Gary Neal and Sue Jobey, Lusanne Saint Bernards. Published 7 November 2018

At week 6 of gestation we put Lara, our Saint Bernard bitch, on Black Hawk Puppy to ensure she had all the nutrition needed to raise a big litter of puppies. We had no issues in the change at all. On the 16th March, she gave us 7 beautiful puppies and was a very happy contented mum, despite an anaesthetic, and she adapted very quickly to mother hood. At around day 7 we decided to put some well blended puppy food in the bottles that we were helping supplement with. This was the first time we had tried this and must say how very impressed we were with how quickly they all settled in to the formula. There were no issues again with the food supplement - no upset tummies or runny stools. At 3 1/2 weeks we started them on solids with the most amazing results. We had polite, tidy eating puppies - we feel with the biscuits having been in the milk formula earlier on, the change to solids was an easy step for them . All puppies were sent home with their Black Hawk puppy packs and a bag of food. From all reports and photos we get from their owners, all are doing exceeding well on their Black Hawk Puppy food . The 3 we have kept have been interesting to monitor over the first 4 months of their lives. We have seen no splayed flat feet and so far they have had no signs of the bums up growth issues that the breed can get. All 3 are growing nice and steady. We are very happy with our first of many Black Hawk raised puppies. Gary and Sue, Lusanne Saint Bernards

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