Delta Dog on the mend

Published 10 November 2015

I am the owner of a beautiful 3 yr old Labradoodle - Bailey, who since he was 4 mths old has had ear problems and skin issues. Over the last 8 months and after multiple vet visits and $$$$ spent, we were told he had skin/food allergies. He was also on animal antibiotics which upset his stomach and induced vomiting so was placed on human antibiotics to clear up a skin bacterial infection he had. The vet advised us to change his diet to a fish based food and after trying an all fresh fish diet and then a few different brands, including one expensive Vet purchased sensitive skin product, which didn't work, his skin started to settle down however his tummy sores were not completely gone and would come and go.

I found out about your product and bought a small bag of Fish and Potato for him to try. All seemed to be going OK and I knew it takes approximately two weeks to see any changes. Convinced that this was the product for him, I then bought a 20kg bag. It's now been approx 2 months that he has been on BlackHawk Fish & Potato and I am so happy. I didn't want to jump for joy too early, and have kept a keen eye on him – all his stomach sores have gone, his skin is soft (not a dry spot in sight), he hardly scratches at all and I can also see and feel it in his coat, there are also less fur balls appearing around the house as well (being a Labradoodle he doesn't shed as such). The only issue we still have is that he licks his paws however they don't appear to becoming as sore or smelly as they were previously – perhaps its a habit for him and will settle down, but all in all we are delighted.

Bailey is also a Delta Dog who visits the children at Westmead Children's Hospital so it's important that his skin and coat are in top condition.

Thank you so much for an excellent product. Also, once our Cats are finished with their current bag of food, they will definitely be starting on BlackHawk.

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