Best Junior in Show WINNER

Published 10 November 2015

We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the Black Hawk company-we are so thrilled with your product. In the past we have raised our Foxhounds on another premium brand of dog food, with reasonable results. Last November we were fortunate enough to win Puppy in Show at the Hound Club of Victoria and part of our prize was a bag of your food. As 'Tyme' had won this we started to feed him on this food. Results were good! But then we received a 'bonus ' voucher from the other brand of food we were using so we again bought that food for Tyme. Within 3 weeks he had developed dry itchy skin and was out of sorts. A trip to the vet could find nothing physically wrong but when I mentioned that we had changed foods we decided to put him back on Black Hawk. Well, what a difference! Now I have a happy, 'winning' hound with no skin or coat problems. Judges often comment on his fantastic condition and we put that down to your food. We have attached a photo of Tyme (ChFoxgully Perfectly Timed) at 13 months winning Junior in Show in Canberra recently. We certainly hope your product continues to increase in popularity as we want to be using it for many, many more years!

Tags: Puppy, Dog