Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information

Black Hawk proudly sponsors hundreds of dog and cat shows and competitions each year, as well as numerous charities and rescues around Australia, as part of our commitment to providing the best nutrition to as many dogs and cats as we can.

We do our best to support as many organisations as possible and every application is given careful consideration. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we have dedicated organisations that we partner with to truly make a difference in our community and to better the lives of dogs and cats around Australia. We do our best to support additional requests when we can, however we cannot support every request and appreciate your understanding.

If you are looking for Black Hawk support for your event or cause, please choose the appropriate application form below.


Please note Black Hawk have fully committed our sponsorship resources for this financial year, so we are no longer accepting applications for events prior to 1 July 2023 and are only able to consider applications for events after this date.


Dog and Cat Shows & Competitions

Are you a dog or cat organisation or club looking for sponsorship for your show or competition? This could be for dog or cat shows, flyball, obedience, rally O, agility, sled dog, lure coursing and more!

Apply for Dog or Cat Show Sponsorship


Consumer Events

Are you holding a dog or cat related public event and would like to apply for support from Black Hawk, then please use this form.

Apply for Consumer Events Sponsorship


Charities and Rescues

Black Hawk proudly supports numerous dog and cat charities and rescues. Please use this form for charity and rescue requests.

Apply for Charities or Rescues Sponsorship


Working Dog and Guide Dog Organisations

Is your organisation providing support to humans in need by providing trained dog services? Please use this form for any support enquiries.

Apply for Working Dog or Guide Dog Sponsorship