Welcome to MasterBreeders

Welcome to MasterBreeders

Welcome to the Black Hawk MasterBreeders Program

The real food movement is all about eating food that improves our health, happiness and longevity. The original Black Hawk recipe was developed when a passionate breeder simply applied this thinking to their dog’s diet. They relentlessly searched for ingredients that had a nutritional benefit and removed all of the ones that didn’t. Other breeders quickly embraced the Black Hawk recipe for success. They could see shinier coats and happier, healthier dogs. The movement grew organically and soon the Black Hawk story was being passed from owner to owner and expanded to include cats too.

Since Black Hawk joined the Masterpet family our commitment to real food is stronger than ever. With the Black Hawk MasterBreeders Program we recognise the need for registered breeders to have reliable access to the highest quality, Australian made food that offers value for money and delivery straight to your door. The Program is currently available to breeders in all States and Territories across Australia.

        • Minimum 20% off suggested retail price
        • Exclusive offers and promotions
        • Free delivery for orders over $250
        • Free puppy/kitten packs for litters (minimum spend required)
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We are currently experiencing out of stocks with our Puppy Packs.
We are very sorry for this inconvenience.
Please feel free to keep checking the MasterBreeder Online store for availability.


We ask for our MasterBreeders to complete the New Puppy Owner forms on behalf of your new puppy owners to ensure they receive there $20 off voucher.

Please either:

  • Complete the online New Puppy Owner form
  • Fill in this pdf form, scan/email to blackhawkmasterbreeders@blackhawkpetcare.com.au, or
  • Fill in the pdf form and post them to Breeder and Sponsorship Manager, Masterpet Suite 1b Shed 73, 4e Huntley Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015