We have been on Black Hawk for a month now & WOW what a difference

by Owner. Published 10 November 2015

I just wanted to send you an email just to tell you how awesome your dog food is. I have a Mastiff x Great Dane who is 4 & he has had nothing but stomach & skin problems since birth. We had tried nearly all the dog foods out there & the only one we found he could stomach was (other brand), but it wasn't good for his skin problem, he was still itching & it seemed to be getting worse.

I came upon a review of your lamb & rice product & thought why not, I hadn't tried it yet. He & his border collie brother have been on it for a month now & WOW what a difference in both of them.

Tank (the mastiff) has had absolutely no more 'toileting' problems (the runs) & his itching has greatly reduced. He had been getting a bit too skinny & we couldn't seem to fatten him up without feeding him almost 2kg of food every single day & since feeding him only 6 cups (720g) of Black Hawk per day he looks beautiful, shiny & a healthy 80kg. Our border collie, Roga, 7, is back to his bubbly self as if he was a pup again & is just as shiny.

I find it a little more expensive because they eat around 30kg a month, but it is absolutely & totally worth it, they are my furbabies & just like my real babies they need to be looked after. I also like the fact that it has glucosamine in it as Tank has joint problems, being so big & winter coming up, we do give him a tablet but the extra glucosamine is definitely working for him.

I now have to fight my 3 cats away from the bag because they absolutely love it as well & are constantly chewing holes in the bags, so it looks like I will be investing in your cat product as well.

Tank, Roga (my 3 cats) & I thank you for such a great product & ask you to never ever take it off the shelves.

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