Tania Lilley

by Tania Lilley. Published 2 July 2019

We have three German Shepherds. Our oldest girl arrived at our place when she was 4 months old and she wouldnt stop scratching. We couldnt find any fleas but flea’d her anyway. We then went through a very long and expensive year trying to find out what was making her scratch. We spent so much money on different brands of kibble, initially thinking she was allergic to grain. To cut a very long story short and after a phone call from the Black Hawk vet she finally settled down on Black Hawk Fish and Potato kibble. It was discovered that she is allergic to chicken so even when I tried feeding her a raw diet only, which included chicken necks and carcasses, she continued scratching. The fish and potato does have chicken fat in it BUT no chicken protein. She loves the kibble and so do our other two dogs. When we have litters, we wean them onto Black Hawk Large bred puppy. They love it.

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