My Border Collies go crazy for Black Hawk

by Owner. Published 10 November 2015

I would like to let you know that I'm still using Black Hawk Holistic dog food for my Border Collies. It's an amazing food and the dogs go crazy for it, they are in excellent condition and body weight. Their coats shine and they have an abundance of energy and muscle tone.

When I have another litter of pups I will be sure to raise the pups on this food also it's great and I'm very thankful for the generous sample you sent those months ago last year. I still buy it from Oasis Boarding Kennels for an excellent price.

I have recommended the food to many of my friends and fellow Flyball team mates. I often get asked what are my dogs fed on to make them look amazing and I'm very proud when I tell them all about the Black Hawk Holistic.

Thank you again for developing this and making it available for us all to use. I would be more then happy to pop a logo on my website to show many others what I feed my dogs.

Tags: Puppy, Dog