by Merve. Published 6 August 2018

Just wanted to pop in and say a huge thank you. My sensitive staffy has had so many problems been through so many foods and ever since i pit him on the grain free salmon his made such a huge turn around. His skin looks alot better and isnt flaring up with lumps and rashes. He has a stage 3 mast cell tumour but incredibly the lumps have shrunk. He didnt go under the knife because it disappeared. His doing so well and im glad there is a food brand available for dogs that are in need of help. I have tried vet prescribed food ect they made him worse. This was the winner. Only down side is him being 35kg needs alot of food so cost wise is pricey but in the end i have a happy 7 year old thats all that matters for me. Thanks alot. Keep up the work and please dont change the formula its perfect the way it is. My dog gets picky with food but loves your kibble another thing im happy for. He's a fussy dog however Black Hawk won him over he'll eat them even if i offer them as treats. Thanks heaps :)

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