Lots of positive comments since moving to Black Hawk

by Diane & John Riley. Published 11 June 2018

We own and operate Eyrewell Park Kennels and Cattery in North Canterbury for the past three years. Since moving to Blackhawk food for our Boarding dogs and cats we have had many, many positive comments from pet owners, as well as noticing ourselves the difference it has made to our own dogs. When you see dogs everyday it is not easy to pick up the difference in the overall appearance however we have been delighted when owners have told us how good their pets look on pick up after a reasonable length stay. We even have people phoning days after getting home telling us how their pet seems livelier, coats shinier, eyes brighter, more energy than usual, all in all different dogs and cats.

A golden retriever we have regularly was on owner-supplied food which seemed to be a different product every time we had her to stay. We had some problems with Diarrhea with her in the past, however last time she came in they announced that she was on Black Hawk and her digestion issues had resolved, and she was now a bundle of energy. 

We had a 15-year-old Cat in recently for ten days and had a call the night she went home just to enquire “what on earth she had been fed on” and to tell us she looked better than she had for years and was playing like a kitten. Her coat was what they had noticed the most.  

Another example is an elderly Bull terrier who had skin condition for years and was very foot sore.  The day her owner collected her after a 3 week stay, he asked what we had done with his dog, as she was like a spring chicken, and walked across the shingle without a limp.  This was followed up by an email the next day thanking us, and saying it appears there are a few more years left in the old girl yet and ordered a bag of Black Hawk as a result.

Cats and Dogs alike love Blackhawk and we haven’t had one animal yet that has turned it down. None is ever left in the bowls and the daily pickup is generally smaller and better formed than we have had in the past.

We are very impressed with this product range and the results we have seen in our “guests” and can only recommend it to other Kennel & Cattery owners. The Grain Free variant seems to have a definite benefit for Dogs with skin/ear issues we have found.

Diane & John Riley
Eyrewell Park Country Retreat for Cats & Dogs
North Canterbury

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