Kelly Te Reo

by Kelly Te Reo. Published 7 November 2018

Here at Brynmor we have a busy family home with all the canine members thriving on a Black Hawk diet. We have an old Great Grandma through to the younger generation, and even the fluffy pet Pom enjoying the Grain Free, Hormone Free Chicken as their favourite. It was handy having the tinned wet version of this available too when a silly one year old rascal ate half a dog toy and required surgery! He soon bounced back into winning form with a continuation of his usual steady diet. Our last litter has been raised on Puppy Chicken & Rice and we have been thrilled with their ribbon winning condition all the way through their puppyhood. Thanks Black Hawk for bringing this product to the New Zealand market and giving us a fantastic option for our much loved, four legged family members. Kelly Te Reo, Brynmor Welsh Springer Spaniels

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