Jonathan's coat and skin have never been healthier

by Owner. Published 10 November 2015

Jonathon came to me 3 years ago as a 2yo dog for showing.

Jonathon's skin and coat was not in the best condition, put down to being allergic to many brands of dog foods of all types, premium and supermarket brands. I would see some improvement with some brands, but Jonathon still would not stop scratching and his skin still had nasty rashes.

I decided to give Black Hawk food ago. It was still new on the market and the fact that is was Australian made and owned and had fantastic ingredients was also a bonus.

After feeding Jonathon Black Hawk food within a month I began to see a huge difference in his quality of coat and his skin began to look healthier. Then I swapped all my dogs to Black Hawk and have had remarkable results with coat quality and the general health and wellbeing of my dogs.

I have been recommending this food to all that have seen the difference in my dog Jonathon and this has now encouraged me to stock the food in my salon.

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