Erika Alacs

by Erika Alacs. Published 26 November 2018

I recommend Black Hawk to everyone! I became aware of the Black Hawk food about 2 years when I worked in a five-star pet resort in Western Australia. The dogs that came to stay at the pet resort for 2 weeks or more had noticeably shinier and silkier coats after eating the Black Hawk kibble. It also worked well for dogs that were fussy eaters (they loved it) and those that had sensitive stomachs (something you tend to notice when you are caring for dogs and cleaning up after them). The results were so noticeable in the dogs that many owners could see the difference after boarding their dogs and switched their food at home to Black Hawk as well! After seeing the difference in the dogs at my work I switched our two cats at home to Black Hawk. They also loved the taste of it and their coats became much more silky and shiny. When we got our chocolate Labrador puppy this year it was a no brainer what to feed her. She has thrived on Black Hawk Large Breed Puppy formula. She’s 7 months old and her coat is so shiny that it looks like we’ve oiled her! I frequently have other dog owners at her puppy school and in the dog parks ask how we get her coat so answer Black Hawk!! Thank you Black Hawk for your high quality products...please don’t change your formula. It works so well and keeps our pets extremely healthy!

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