Coats are looking fabulous and 'poo patrol' is so much easier

by Sue Armstong. Published 10 November 2015

My name is Sue Armstong and as well as having eight dogs of my own I'm involved with Shar Pei Rescue Inc (SPR Inc).

I was curious as I was feeding my crew on a super premium food which was very expensive and a couple of my Shar Pei were still itchy.

Black Hawk kindly sent me up a sample bag to try. Well, what can I say!!!

My crew took to it like ducks to water. One of my female Pei who is so incredibly fussy with her food that it's hard to get her to finish a meal without lots of meat bribes now downs nearly two cups of Black Hawk Holistic without any additives each meal without fail. To say I was impressed would be an understatement!!

Having now had my two Newfoundlands, five Shar Pei (three are rescue) and little white fluffy on Black Hawk Holistic for what must be close to two months or longer I have to say their coats are looking fabulous, no one itches anymore and their output has halved making 'poo patrol' so much easier and quicker!! None of them ever leave any anymore either.

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