Black Hawk is the only brand of dry food used at Ashley Boarding Cattery

by Donna Barlow. Published 11 June 2018

Cats who are holidaying at a premium cattery deserve to be feed a premium food. Therefore, when Black Hawk Pet Food became available in New Zealand last July, we were certainly keen to trial it on our feline guests.

Having feed another well-known brand of cat food in the cattery for near fifteen years, it was a big decision to change brands and we were apprehensive at first.

However, we felt that a cat food that was a 100% natural was the way forward. Our Black Hawk food trial was a complete success. The cats love it! Black Hawk is now the only brand of dry food we feed at our cattery.

In the months since making the decision to change, we have noticed way less stomach upsets which cause vomiting and diarrhoea. Our cats are happy and healthy, and we quite often receive comments from owners about how well their cat looks when they collect their beloved feline.

Our customers have a choice of all flavours and grain free options, though we use Original Adult Chicken & Rice as our main food.

Ashley Boarding Cattery definitely has no regrets about changing to Black Hawk. And I’m sure our cats are pleased with our choice as well.

Donna Barlow
Ashley Boarding Cattery
Rangiora, North Canterbury

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