Best change I made

by Annalise. Published 28 September 2017

Since I adopted my girl Lilly (Bullarab x Cattle dog), I had been trying to feed her the best and for me that meant raw meat and dry food (the same diet my parents have our mastiffs on). I started her on super coat but it didn't really do anything for her and she was still having issues with her digestion as well as her skin kept flaring up and she would begin to lose small patches of hair from constantly scratching and after 2 months she went off her food. After being told about Black Hawk, I decided to change her food and it has been the best thing I have ever done. Her coat is shiny and soft, her skin doesn't flare up as often and she doesn't get stomach upsets as often anymore either. She eats every single meal now. and now that My partners girl Macy (Great Dane x Labrador) is living with us, she will be swapping to Black Hawk Large breed puppy food. I am looking forward to seeing the change in our other baby girl!

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