A good fuel for the job - Lloyd Smith

Published 1 July 2019

Lloyd Smith is a farmer, top sheep dog trialist and renowned working dog trainer.

When it comes to the best nourishment for his dogs, he says “Our dogs enjoy the Black Hawk Working Dog formula and are in good condition. The ones that always had trouble keeping a good coat really shined up. They have the ability to turn up day after day, even after really big days, and are ready to go in the morning. They seem to recover well.

Also, I can see that puppies raised on the Black Hawk puppy formulas are very healthy, have nice shiny coats and a good appetite - you can tell they have had a good start to life.”

Lloyd says that an innate desire to please goes a long way in a dog’s success as a working dog and, like all good keen workers, working dogs should be allowed to use their initiative wherever possible. The one command that must be obeyed, and immediately, is to come. The farmers’ ‘wayleggo’ cry that echoes around New Zealand’s hills is a contraction of ‘come away and let them go’. He says that if you can teach your dog these 6 commands, you've pretty well got control of it.

1. Come (or ‘wayleggo’)

2. Go (to send them off)

3. Left

4. Right

5. Stop

6. Approach the stock

– Lloyd Smith, farmer, sheep dog trialist & working dog trainer, NZ

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