Q: Do larger dogs need more food for energy?

by Sarah, one of the vets on our Black Hawk team. Published 17 September 2016

Q: Do larger dogs need more food for energy?

The bigger a dog, the more energy it will require. But a large dog that weighs twice as much as a small dog won’t necessarily require twice as much food. There’s a very complicated formula used to calculate metabolic rates, and therefore calorie requirements of dogs. This formula is used and very carefully calibrated to suit the recommended weight ranges, as stated in the feeding guide on the back of the Black Hawk bags. If you’re feeding to the recommendations on the pack, your dog will be getting the right amount of energy.

Exceptions to energy requirements occur if you have a growing pup, pregnant or lactating bitch, a high performance dog or a working dog. In these cases, you may need to increase the amount you are feeding. This is because the formula for metabolism we use to make our feeding guide is based on an average activity level.

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