Marvin Tamano

by Marvin Tamano. Published 2 September 2019

I have to say that I was never a pet person because I thought it would be too hard to look after them, feed them, house them and care for them. I WAS WRONG!! It was our daughter that had the love for pets and it wasn't until we had WIllow and Kyah come in to our lives. There was slobber, mess, hair everywhere, eaten furniture and we thank the universe for bringing them into our lives! Willow is our Saint Bernard who would have the most sensitive stomach of most dogs. Black Hawk has been a part of her diet for quite sometime now and it's never really failed us. She's almost 70kgs of pure love, hair and food! An when roast chicken is involved, ohhh boy...she'll have more than 1 bowl of Black Hawk!! As for Kyah, you can almost call her a Dyson Vaccuum! She'll make sure her bowl is clean and that not one bit of Black Hawk is left over. Kyah loves to run around soo much and is such an active dog that she follow's my wife everywhere! These two dogs have been with us since only a few weeks after birth and they are our fur girls. Not sure what we'd do without them... Thanks making a great product and if you have any Chicken and Rice bags that you're having trouble finishing, send them our way, we have a couple of vaccuum cleaners that can finish the job for you!

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