by Jenni. Published 3 July 2019

Donnie, my 7 month old pug, was on a different premium food. I do cook for him using best ingredients but mix it up with dry food. He does love food (pugs do) but he is picky (spoilt) so he only does good quality food. Since people who are around me recommended Black Hawk and they are as extreme as I am when it comes to what we feed our pooch I decided to try out a sample. Donnie loves Black Hawk both lamb & rice and chicken & rice. He drools, sits and behaves, to have Black Hawk food and when he sees me with the bag he wags his curly tail and drools which is cute and funny. I definitely will change it to Black Hawk even though I am not done with the batch I am using. Thank you for making food that makes my puppy happy and with best ingredients. 😊

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