Black Hawk brought out the best in Bang Bang

by Nicole. Published 10 November 2015

Black Hawk brought out the best in Bang Bang

I just wanted to write and praise your products..

I am an ex military veteran ( 16 years service, 2 RAR ) suffering from PTSD along with other service related mental disorders and about twelve months ago was granted permission for a Military Veteran's Companion Dog.  With the help of Soldier On we finally pick out a little Great Dane puppy from western NSW, and after five days solid driving returned home to Carins, with my little man 'Bang Bang'.

He is quite literally the 24/7 companion that I needed and I'm undoubtedly in love with this little guy, however for several months I had a lot of problems with upset tummies, vomiting, restlessness, whining and crying for no apparent reason etc etc.  He was just generally a grumpy, unhappy little guy with no energy and was constantly shedding his coat, itching and scratching and had weepy eyes.  I was genuinely starting to think I had brought home a very sick little pup. And the vet bill was just out of control, totalling more than $2,200 in three months.  

After switching his food to Black Hawk (by suggestion form a ex service mate of mine who feeds black hawk to his companion dog) the change in my puppy is quite unbelievable. He has boundless energy, is happy, healthy and looks so well.  We no longer have tummy aches, and don't vomit after eating, he hardly sheds fur now, and his coat is shiny and healthy. He's sleeping right through the night now only waking up when I do.

I've had him on Black Hawk now for three months, he's six months old and is behaving like a little monster.

So I just wanted to thank you guys so much for making this a possibility. I'm just not sure what would have happened to my little fellow if I hadn't got him onto your puppy formula.

Thanks, Nicole, Scott and Bang Bang Scott. Cairns, North Queensland.

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