Beautiful bonny puppies on Black Hawk

文章作者: Tracey Robinson。 发布于 2018年06月12日

I am Tracey Robinson from Bodacious Bullmastiffs.  We have owned Bullmastiffs since 2003.  We show, occasionally breed and we love to share our bullmastiffs with the public.

When I mated my Bullmastiff bitch I started her on Black Hawk Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice kibble.  It was a new product in New Zealand then.  She blossomed during her pregnancy and although she carried ten puppies and whelped all 10 naturally, her coat and general health was exceptional.  She came into milk with ease and fed most of the litter until the pups were 4 1/2 weeks old.  Although she has been through all of this, normally a big ask for any bitch, her coat is silky, without blemish, and is in great health.

Her pups have been raised on Black Hawk Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice kibble.  They are all gaining weight as expected becoming beautiful bonny puppies.  Many of our puppy buyers who have viewed the pups compliment them on the lovely feel and look of their coats.

I have introduced more of my team to the Black Hawk range and are finding the same results.  Healthy dogs with great coats.  What more could one ask for 

I recommend Black Hawk to my puppy buyers and am sure they will find the same results.

The customer service I have experienced is outstanding and as such I am sure Black Hawk will be a great success in New Zealand.

Tracey Robinson,
Bodacious Bullmastiffs

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