Thank You

Thank You

Imagine life right now without our pets

At Black Hawk, we know the important role that pets play in our lives. We can’t imagine life without them. Throughout these difficult times, they have brought us happiness in times of sadness, and companionship in times of isolation. Join us in saying ‘thanks’ to our pets.

When our world shut down. You quietly sat at our feet and calmed us.

When our roads emptied, and our parks lost their laughter. You pressed your nose to our cheek, and we knew it was going to be okay.

When the news came on and our world seemed broken. You gave us that look, that said, it’s not forever.

You’ve taken us for walks. You’ve kept us company.

Our feet warm under homemade desks. And who knew you were so good at conference calls.

Yes, time has been standing still. And the world has been hurting. But your love and support has never changed.

Words can’t express how thankful we are to you. But we’ll give it a go…

Thanks to all our four-legged heroes.