Chia - A New Woman

Chia - A New Woman

First step was DogCheck! Wow, this blew my mind!

DogCheck essentially allows you to enter your dog’s data into a system that then compares what your dog’s health equivalent and body size/ weight/ shape would be if it was converted over to the human equivalent. This comparison was a real eye opener because getting Chia’s results back revealed she was obese in human terms. So 3 to 4 kg’s of extra weight on a dog doesn’t sound like much, but when you calculate what the human equivalent would be, it’s way too much for poor Chia to be holding on to.

First step was to swap Chia over from her home cooked meals to her protein controlled Black Hawk range.

I mixed it up between the different varieties to see if Chia had a preference but the good news is, Chia is a lab, so they’re all her preference! The first thing I noticed was her stools. Wow, she was doing the best poo’s I had ever seen. And other dog owners will attest to the fact that when your dog goes properly, in routine, and neatly, it’s a good thing, because we are the ones picking it up!

At first I was nervous that I wasn’t feeding her enough, but I followed the feeding guide on the packet for her breed, size and weight and she never seemed to go hungry or wanted for more. In addition, the weight loss was quite quick, and seamless, so much so that I think Chia prefers Black Hawks ‘cooking’ over my home cooking!

Apart from her digestion being way better, I started to notice more of a sparkle in her eyes and spring in her step. She had an overall increase in energy and vitality.

Her mood improved at home (it’s true that good food makes you feel good on the inside and outside!), but when it came time for walkies, she was a NEW dog!

She went from this cute little gentle lady to being a puppy again being able to sprint, run, leap and jump! I felt really proud of her actually, and it reminded me of what she was like when she was much younger.

By her losing the weight, her world changed, but so did mine. Because although I can see right now it is having a really positive impact on a day to day basis, I know that this every day improvement in health will lead to a much longer, healthy and happier quality of life for her for many years to come. Which means I in turn am rewarded by having her company around for much longer, with her being in a position to live a full vibrant life, which makes us both happy.



So as I write this today I am proud to say Chia has turned her health around. She is continuing to eat Black Hawk, portion controlled dry food, twice daily, and we won’t be looking back.

She is in the best health and shape of her life and I look forward to keeping it that way!!