Mould Investigation from Recent Recall

Mould Investigation from Recent Recall

As promised to our concerned Black Hawk pet parents, samples from affected batches from the Black Hawk Original Dog range in Australia and New Zealand were submitted to independent laboratories for culture and typing to identify the specific moulds.

This was an important step in our ongoing investigations to help reassure concerned pet owners following our voluntary recall. Accurately identifying the specific moulds helps us identify how potentially ‘risky’ a particular mould is, if ingested by a dog or cat.

The moulds identified are from the Aspergillus genus, specifically Aspergillus cristatus and Aspergillus montevidensis.

Pleasingly neither of these moulds are known to be harmful, so if ingested should not cause any significant or long-term harm to dogs and cats. Additionally, what we have found to date is that unless the mould was clearly visible on the product, then we have not been able to detect or grow any mould. This means that unless product had visible mould, then it is highly unlikely to be affected in any way.

To be clear, by-products from mould growth generally cause illness to pets, not the mould itself. We are pleased to confirm that the moulds identified from our independent testing are not known to produce harmful by-products.

Despite this, some pets are more sensitive to the ingestion of moulds of any type. In these more sensitive pets, ingesting mould may produce a lack of appetite and occasionally gastrointestinal upsets such as vomiting and diarrhoea. It is for this reason that we took steps to immediately recall the affected batches, in order to ensure the health of our pets.

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer care team on or ph 1300 654 279 (AUS) / 0800 738 546 (NZ).