How it works

How it works

We have created the BlackHawk® DogCheck™ because we know that we’re so blinded by love for our dogs that we may not see what our dogs actually look like.

With more than 41% of Australian dogs thought to be overweight or obese, what we think is normal is actually harmful. We’re so used to seeing dogs who are overweight that we have no idea what a healthy dog should actually look like. These overweight dogs could be suffering from serious medical conditions due to their weight. We hope that by representing dogs in a human-like form, it’ll give people a frame of reference they can relate to and help open everyone’s eyes to the (sometimes harsh) reality of the shape of their dogs.

Similar to how a person’s BMI is calculated, there is no exact science to DogCheck™. In humans, there are variations with age, gender, ethnicity and body composition. Similarly, there are variations amongst dog breeds.

We have created the human-like renders by comparing data you input into DogCheck™ with our vet verified database of ideal dog weights pertaining to a set number of breeds. From this, we are able to estimate if your dog might be within an under, healthy, over or obese weight range. A human-like render based on the correlation between the weight range of your dog and equivalent human weight range data is then displayed. We have determined the average human weight based on modified data amalgamated from the Australian National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey, 2011-2012 (NNPAS).

These human-like forms have been created to provoke conversation and of course, due to the variables mentioned above, not all humans with a high BMI are unhealthy. BlackHawk DogCheck™ is to be used as a guide only, it in no way is to be used as a substitute for regular vet check-ups. If you are in any way concerned about the health of your dog please visit your vet.

As part of The Real Food Movement® for pets we want to ensure that all of our dogs are getting the right amount of good food and getting plenty of exercise. If you feel as passionately as we do about ensuring dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives then please share DogCheck™ with all the dog owners you know.