Sarah Campbell

by Sarah Campbell. Published 6 November 2018

We have been feeding Black Hawk for nearly a year after speaking with one of their very helpful Rep's. The change over of our team of Siberian Husky Sled Dogs to Black Hawk went without a hitch and the dogs became very enthusiastic for their breakfast & dinner each day! With in a few weeks we noticed changes with their coats, in particular one boy whose coat had gone very coarse and dull and his tail hair was almost non-existent. Today he is sporting a beautiful soft, shiny coat and nearly has a proper tail again! All of the dogs have kept excellent condition on Black Hawk, their coats are always soft, their teeth seem to stay a lot cleaner, no smelly dog breath, and the big thing their stools are always as they should be! My 15.5 year old girl always leaves a clean bowl and is a lot less stiff in her joints - she loves the Salmon! We have just started them onto the Working Dog for the upcoming race season.

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