Choosing a Kitten

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Choosing A Kitten Landscape

A kitten can be homed from as early as six weeks, but one that is 10-12 weeks has had more socialisation with his mother and siblings, and (hopefully) people, so is more likely to be well adjusted and friendly.

Here are some hints and tips to help you choose a kitten that's right for your home.

Observe a litter

Like any group of little ones, there will be the very playful, the more reserved, the followers, the instigators. If you are introducing a kitten to a busy household including other pets, a shy kitten will not be your best choice. Watch a litter at play, and let the kittens make the first move toward you – the ones who approach you first are going to be naturally more confident, curious and partial to human contact.

Questions to ask: Can you meet the mother cat (to see what her temperament is like)?

How much handling have the kittens had, especially during weeks three to eight, the most influential on their sociability?

What specific socialising have they had, for example, have they met dogs or other adult cats? Children? Visitors to the house?

Kitten testing

Roll a ping pong ball along the floor and see who chases it. Try putting your hand under their belly just in front of the hips and lift their back legs so it’s just off the ground – again, a laidback cat won’t mind, while one that is more flighty or unsure will try to get away.

Pedigree personalities

Some breeds have very distinct personalities. The classic examples are the ‘talky’ Siamese and Burmese, so ask a breeder what type of personality is most likely and assess how that will fit in with your lifestyle.

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